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PERA SWIPE app review

Pera Swipe is an Android app that gives its users electronic rewards just by doing what they already do – by unlocking their phone screen. The app is available exclusively in the Philippines.

Is it really good for earning some prepaid rewards? This article will help you find out.


  • Freebies. You can redeem free load, game cards, and gift passes, and chance to win gadgets in the raffle. Get 555 points (worth more or less ₱4.20) if you use a valid referral code upon sign-up.
  • Good advertising. Advertisements on the app are appealing, relevant, non-intrusive, and may sometimes help you discover new treats or save money.
  • Legitimate. The app is not something that will just vanish with all your earned points, or worse, with your personal information. The app’s owners belong to a registered Philippine company, so it is unlikely that they will do something illegal and get away with it.


  • Low income. Points amounting to just a little above ₱0.02 per screen unlock, that is, you need to swipe nearly 500 times just to reach the minimum payout threshold of ₱10 prepaid load. If you are a usual smartphone user unlocking your phone about 110 times per day, then you will likely get ₱10 within 5 days.
  • Excessive permissions. App requires permissions that do not seem to be necessary for just a lock screen app – such as the ability to read your SMS messages, initiate calls, read your contacts, and many more, are required and not optional.
  • Personal information requirements. While it is essential for them to get your mobile phone number (prepaid) and e-mail address, it would seem too much for most people to provide their full names and complete date of birth.
  • No security features. You cannot change the way you unlock the screen through the app (i.e. change unlock method to pattern, PIN, password, facial/voice recognition). You are limited to swiping, as the app’s name says.
  • One device at a time. You can use the app on only one phone at a time; logging in on another phone will automatically log you out on all other devices you previously logged in. You need to use other phone numbers to use the app simultaneously on multiple devices.
  • Not for urgent use. You can redeem your points for rewards between 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. everyday, also exclusive of their maintenance hours. That means you have to redeem prepaid load or game cards in advance to avoid inconvenience.


If you are a busy smartphone user who needs security for your phone, then this app is not for you because you will have to use a separate lock screen for security purposes. Nevertheless, this app will benefit everyone who is not heavily engaged in work or study, since they have enough time to look through the ads.

P.S. I wonder why they have not yet made this app available on iOS phones.

P.P.S. Though it is completely up to you to join, if you need a referral code to earn 555 points upon signup, you may use my referral code websavvy.

4 thoughts on “PERA SWIPE app review

  1. Hi, Mr. Daet!

    How are you? Thanks so much for using PERA SWIPE! You couldn’t have said it better when you said that PERA SWIPE users really do get rewarded for doing what they already do – unlocking their phones!

    So you can better enjoy the PERA SWIPE app, here are some clarifications from us.

    1. Permissions. PERA SWIPE asks for permissions only for necessary functions. Below are examples:
    2. SMS – To read verification code from SMS and auto input during the sign-up
    3. PHONE – To prevent the lock screen from popping up while making a call
    4. STORAGE and MEDIA – To save and load lock screen images from cache memory and minimize data usage.
    Let us know if you need more info on how PERA SWIPE handles user data. Or you may read more here: https://www.peraswipe.com/terms. 🙂
    5. Personal information. We don’t want random people requesting to access to your accounts without verifying that they’re really the owner. Or how do we verify winners’ identities before sending them prizes?
    6. Rewards. Instead of checking and unlocking your phone throughout the day and getting nothing, isn’t it amazing that you can earn while doing nothing?
    7. Security features. You may still use your own phone’s lock screen, be it password, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc. PERA SWIPE does not limit your phone’s security features. 🙂
    8. One device at a time. Users are limited to one account per device to avoid abuse of the app. Otherwise, users can create a separate account in their other device. All things in moderation, right? 😉
    9. Unlock sound. You may disable the app sounds if you want. Just go to the Settings tab inside your app.
    10. Not for urgent use. Yes, there is a redemption schedule. But for quick messages, you may use Bilis Text any time.

    Again, thanks so much for your review of PERA SWIPE! Please try all the options and explore the app! You may message us any time if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to chat with you!

    Happy swiping!

  2. My experience on using the app:

    I have been using the app myself on my spare SIM-less device. My SIM card was in the phone that I am always carrying. This allowed me to examine the app without giving them permission to access everything on my phone, and led to the following troubles:

    At one time, I just reached 1,299 points, which can redeem ₱10 load. On my attempt to redeem, the app asked me to provide the verification code that they sent to the phone number which I used to register to them. After the verification, it went back to the redemption screen like nothing happened. I tried again for at least 3 more times, but the same happens every time. I have let this pass, but still continued using the app. Reaching this amount of points has taken me about 2 weeks.

    After I gained enough points to redeem ₱20 load, I tried to redeem again. This time, the app had been updated. This time, after trying to redeem, they said that the SIM card has to be in the same device as where the app was installed. I did not want to transfer because it was bulky; and I had some contacts and messages saved directly in my SIM card that I do not want the app to be able to access. Since I was redeeming prepaid load, I assumed that their rule only applies to prepaid load redemption. I am looking forward to reaching enough points to redeem a ₱30 game card, which may not require me to transfer my SIM card to my spare device.

    Some time after, I noticed that the lock screen was appearing but no ads were displaying. I ignored it for some hours until I finally decided to check my points. It was then that I noticed that I was not accumulating points whenever I unlocked the phone while the lock screen was not displaying ads. I restarted the app but the problem remained. After which, I restarted my device, only to see that the app still was not displaying ads. I finally closed the app for that day.

  3. Fake. Wag na pag aksayahan ng oras. Napakarami nilang rason bakit hindi ka makaredeem. Continuous yung pera sakanila tas sa mga users laging wala? How is that fair? Pakireport ung appvpara magclose na.

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